Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cancer or Not by Rachel Law

Rachel attends our church and presently a student in communication. I find this article thought provoking and reflect some of the real issues in real people. Do read with an open mind and you'll be blessed. The subject of love and acceptance portrayed is beyond some of us but that's what grace is all about...not being judgmental (leave that to God) nor accusing (leave that to Satan). Just learn the Jesus' way - LOVE (Comments and discussions on this matter are welcome)

I was shocked –perhaps like the rest of the Christian world- to read about the news regarding Planetshakers' Ps. Mike Guglielmucci's fraud, a two-year deception about his terminal illness.

Of course, it saddens me to know what he has done, especially so when he is in a position of a religious leader, and a great influence for young Christians worldwide. There is no need for me to rephrase whatever the media has published but it is upsetting that many believers are doing exactly what some parts of the world would do when convicting someone.In Youtube, I came across this video made by a fellow Christian. In it, Mike was mocked, using Bible verses! I'm not trying to say that Mike wasn't wrong, but is this the solution to this dilemma?

The Bible is the absolute truth but it is not right to misuse it in such a way like, "If you don't believe in Jesus, you'll go to HELL!" I'm raising the question, "What would Jesus do?" Did Jesus ignore, neglect, insult or in a way or another, look down upon prostitutes, tax collectors, or those with sickness? He had come and is here for those who are screwed up, people who mess up, those living in the dark. He came to heal the sick. As Jesus said in John 8 verse 7, “Those who have not sinned, cast the first stone.”Understandably, when we are wronged , we get angry or upset almost instantly.

But I encourage you Christians out there who may have been cheated by Mike’s doing -whether financially or of trust- to just step back, breathe and look at the bigger picture. We cannot absorb everything and anything the media tells us, and I am speaking from a point of view of a communication student. Bear in mind, there is always the other side of the story. Mike is seeking professional help here, so clearly he is aware of his wrongdoings. And as one fellow believer said, "His lies were wrong, but what he preached about God was not." So let's stop making any harsh generalization here.I believe many of us worldwide have prayed for the healing of his alleged 'sickness'. But don't you think now is the time we should all the more pray for him?

I am positively certain that many of us have had stones being thrown at us. However, that does not mean that we rightfully deserve every stone that hurts us. When a fellow sister or brother-in-Christ falls, don't plunge the knife in further with your malicious words. Take his hand, help him up. Pray and encourage him. Rebuke in love. He needs that more.And if you ask me, "Healer" (written by Mike) is a song saturated with the Holy Spirit. The words and melody of the song are so beautiful, that it is impossible to believe that God was not involved in the composition of this inspiring song. Last but not least. Mike, we want you to know that we are all praying ever HARDER for you.