Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A thought on Shyju Matthew

Shyju is a 22 years old guy from India and preaches everywhere the Lord leads him. He came to our church recently and we have the opportunity to have some time with him.

We can still remember his ministries among us and of course the fact that he got a handsome face stay vivid in our minds :-) (remember bollywood....hahaha)

He has a powerful ministry in preaching and in the moving of the Holy Spirit. We had three meetings with the adults and one with the youths. The one that had made a deep impression in me is the last short meeting he had with the youths.

We have about 30 of us gathering round and we started with ice breakers. It was a fun game called "animal farm". Then Shyju shared about 10 mins about being young and how he had come to be who he is today.

Then I asked him a question: "You seem to be always so 'spiritual'. Is there a time when you also felt tempted to do vices?" (paraphrased)

I like his answer. He said, "When you are so busy with God, you have no time for other things, much less to bother with temptations." (paraphrased)

The thought was, God has offered us all the good things in this world and the best of all is to spend time with Him, knowing Him and seeking His will and doing His will. Yet that is the last thing we ever want to do because it sounds so boring.

"Well, pastor, I'm sure he doesn't mean just praying and thinking about God's things and so on. I'm sure he has other activities as well." I'm sure too but whatever he does, he has God in mind.

For example, if you are a lawyer, you will be working on many cases and so your mind would be filled with these cases all day. This is important to you. You need to think of precedence and to think of ways to get your client out of trouble and to win the case. This is your job and this is your interest.

The day when you lose your interest is the day when you will dread to work. The same here with spiritual thing. Shyju finds it interesting to dwell in the things of God and he enjoys every moment of his life to seek God and to him, this is his destiny.

Just pause for a moment. I'm not asking you to become Shyju the #2 but I'm asking you to rethink of your priority in life. Is there something that you need to discard from your life or slow down to catch up with the spiritual growth? Our paces in life is so fast that we lost track of God in our lives. We forget that He is here. The only time He is visible is when we need Him.

So I would like to ask you some questions that you may have taken for granted because you are a Christian :-)

Have you read your bible today? Have you prayed and sought God today? Have you sang and worshipped God and met Him in the secret chamber? Shut the door and be on your knees!


不肖生 Sceptics said...

Hi Pastor,

Shyju is good, engaging speaker on the stage.

but I am afraid, his bible exposition is way out of acceptance by the theological disciplin.

but, em...! Shyju, as a pentecostal cum young preacher, I personally admire him and accept him. Ok lah!

Ankoma said...

Shyju's answer to the question on temptation is radically out of step with the answer Paul & John would have given... (See Rom. 7 & 1John 1). It is disturbing to see a man who imagines himself so caught up with God that he falls into the deception of thinking himself impeccable.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the fact when u caught up with God's thing u have lesser concentration on other things or temptation...but never get tempted i don't agree with it...i think being human being we are tend to get tempted but where are focus is after the temptation..if our focus on Jesus sure we can overcome our temptation through Him and only because of Him : )

ezekiel said...

i m a soft agnostic and am open to views on evidence what shyju is or what he is not i dont know but i surely know that what he speaks is not consistent with the existentialist point of view he should struggle with sin to know that christ through the law gives him that i mean the resurrection of christ makes the law to give us freedom even if i have lived a law breaking life.god is a great thought to have but i wouldnt accept that he is psychologically not troubled with the worldview he has chosen

Ankoma said...

Ezekiel do you have an e-mail address? If you are really open to talking I would love to dialogue on worldviews. It would help strengthen us both.

ezekiel said...

it is
i m open to views and please help to understand what jesus could do in a prosperous life like mine!

SO said...

I don't trust this young man, he is making a career in fooling us.

Lyncy said...

Bro. Shyju did not say that he was not tempted. Also notice the statement above is paraphrased! Here is Shyju's stand on temptation on his blog -

Lyncy said...

Bro. Shyju did not say that he was not tempted. Also notice the statement above is paraphrased! Here is Shyju's stand on temptation on his blog -

Anonymous said...

Who wasn't Tempted ? Even our lord is was tempted. The answer is he won. So what w can do? Please pray the prayer.... what Jesus thought us.... Out f
Father in heaven.....I think every child of God follows Jeus and his word.

Anonymous said...

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Sathya s said...

shyju anna ..ur preaching is alwyz blessing to me

Anonymous said...

Shyju Matthew is a half-breed Keling buffoon that certainly knows how to manipulate the masses with a lot of showy pride and a lot of his keling black girls to admire his half-breed looks. But we must admit, he certainly looks a lot better than his black cousins down here in Malaysia, who are nothing but trouble. Let Christianity civilize these smelly savages.