Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pastor's Wife - Big Deal!

After many years in the church, with a husband who happens to be a pastor, life could fall easily into a “meaningful” routine. By this I mean, we are there for prayer meetings, cooking for home meetings, ladies meetings, children’s meetings and of course Sunday services.

So we have perfected that smile on our face when we meet in all these meetings and services that the church members have expected it that way whenever and wherever.

If you are a pastor’s wife and happen to double up as a full time pastor as well, then you must be a spider woman who has to stretch all eight legs in all directions. Once a lady in the church asked me, “What do you actually do each day?” with curiosity. Then with a smirk she continued, “I don’t really understand your work and it seems to me that you are always available.” By that she means I seem to look very free with my time.

“Hmmm…”, I replied, “Not much really, just routine work each day.” “I often start my day before 6 in the morning and get the children to school. When that is done, I will wash up all the clothes and dishes and clean up the house. By then it’s almost noon and time to prepare lunch.” “O Yes, I will do my devotion (just in case she thinks that I am not spiritual) and will finish my preparation for the teaching lesson for the week (if possible)”

“Then,” I continue, “I will go out for visitation or counseling or if not, will prepare or finish my sermon for the week and squeeze in some shopping in the supermarket for food. When the children come home, I will be there to greet them and also to ring pastor if he’s home for dinner (since he may have last minute appointments).”

“Getting dinner is next in my agenda. And while preparing, I will rehearse the songs that I will lead for the weekend plus maybe thinking about the ladies meeting tomorrow. O yes, I need to think of the parts for the choir tonight too.”

“When the children are finally with their home works, I will be rushing off for the choir practice or a cell meeting.” (while in the church I will meet with some people in charge of the cell meetings the day after) “I will reach home like 10 at night. Before I sleep, I will have to prepare for tomorrow’s breakfast and ironing plus some reading and prayer” (never forget to include this element in your conversation in order to be spiritual)

“Then more reading and more preparation for the service, and help to touch up the bulletin in time for printing tomorrow.”

“At last when I am finally in bed, my last assignment is to lend a listening ear to the pastor who has been out ministering to the people in the church. This could be a long session – I mean long because he has so many things to talk about; the meeting yesterday, the service tomorrow, the counseling the day before…and then lights off!”

“So, not much really…just a normal routine work…just need to learn how to be a better spider woman, that’s all!”


musicfreek said...

hahas you posted!(:
am glad to hear you're better today.. and to be able to read yet another post.
like that lady,i sometimes am curious about what you do daily. and after reading, i am in awe. sorta.i mean, it seems really hectic and all.that kinda explains the puffy eyebags. hahahas.

quite an interesting read and God bless! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Rachel here. :)

It's tough to be a normal wife and mother AND a pastor PLUS being a pastor's wife. Schedule's packed but you need to be available to people at the same time. That lady must be dumbstruck when you've replied. Haha!

Thanks Pastor, for being there for the times I needed your help. :)

Charles said...

not a spider women but instead you are super women...and our super pastor...hehe

Take care pastor and have a blessing day...

不肖生 Sceptics said...

You are really super woman!

now you have done so well in getting your command of chinese on stage... you displacing the chinese ed people, like me,,

haha . 加油!

Pastor, now you got no excuse , cant read my chinese article...

John Justin said...

Sis I realized how selfish I was sometime ago..when I called One Pastor's Wife and demand her attention. Sometime we forgot that the shepherd is as human as any of us. Thanks for the exclusive inside story.