Saturday, December 6, 2008

08, 17 Nov – Kuching
We arrived at Kuching on the 13 Nov, Thursday. The night before, I had a nightmare that the 10th anniversary program did not turn out well. I was all cold sweat and fear but I quickly prayed and asked God for assurance and I thank God for His faithfulness. I knew, at that point that God is in control and I am only one of His servants to make it happen in so that all glory to Him.

Then when we arrived in Kuching both Daniel and myself were dead tired and were feeling really exhausted. I guess it is the happenings for the last few weeks that had drained us out of all our energy. Though now I recognized that these are all spiritual warfare but I was still sad over the incidences. The question: what has happened to our church leaders that they could raise such un-trustful questioning over us? Though the hurts is dimming but the impact is still bearing.

Nevertheless, we tried to sleep and take as much rest as possible before we start the camp the next day.

The camp turned out wonderful. We have three people saved and lots of miraculous healings and deliverance among the people. They were so hungry for God and their faith is so simple. Seeing their child like faith, I give thanks to God for it is for these people that we are called into the ministry.
When the leaders shared with us, they too experiencing lots of conflict in the church and this dear couple also have thoughts of leaving the ministry to go somewhere else. The leaders, though they no longer young, they love the people with their whole hearts. They were not even in full time ministry, yet they poured out their all for the people. I could see that they genuinely love the people as their own. We encouraged them, stating that their problem is not new at all because we are facing the same problem. We too, thought of giving up many times especially in recent weeks, but the Holy Spirit has been convicting our hearts not to do so.

And this is what happen all over the churches. Satan is not persecuting the church with the outside force, rather he is using the internal matters; those that come dear to our heart to smash the confidence among the pastors, to stop us from being effective. I saw this strategy occurring to churches disregard of their sizes in their congregation. Church people are getting “smarter” and they thought that they could run the pastor as well as the church.

Like Pastor Daniel said, “It is not a matter as to who run the church, it is a matter as to who is CALLED.” People in the church began to take the calling of God likely especially in the pastoral ministries. This is exactly what Satan wants to see. In no time, the church pastors, being discouraged and hurt, will leave the ministry and it is not surprising that the churches will suffer like an orphan without the shepherd. Or, the church will be left with so much of hurts that they have no time for evangelism or mission.

Yet, I thank God for pastors who persevere, who do not take the calling of God likely. They knew this is where God wants them to be and they are yet to give up (thought thoughts as such is not uncommon). They are made up of tough material, specially chosen by God to shepherd his people. God will strengthen their feeble legs and will raise them up again to finish the race, a VICTOR. Amen!


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