Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Heart's Desire

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4
“May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” Psalm 20:4

I ask my heart one day, “What is your desire? What do you want?” My heart, pumping slowly and steadily and gives out a soft whisper, “This is what I desire…”

“First, I desire to see my family growing to love God. My teenage children have grown and are facing many struggles in life. I know their struggles. I can feel their hurts and their urge to fly. I was painful seeing them facing life situations but it was necessary that they have to go through such pain in order to grow. So my heart cries to God each day for His guidance in their lives. I don’t desire to see them ‘successful in life’ but I pray that they will be humble and submissive to God, their Maker!”

“As a wife, my desire is to love my husband more and more. There are times when my heart wrenched to see him carrying out his ministries with his whole heart, yet was not appreciated by some who being ungrateful trying to destroy his reputation. My heart will sigh at this moment for the many moments when he has to deal with issues that he wished will never have to happen in the church, for his only heart desire is to share the gospel. Just as my desire as well, we only want to see many people come to know our God. Our hearts have come together many times, comforting one another in moments of hurts and sorrows but most of all we savour moments when we share sweet memories, leading those who trusted us all these years.”

“The thought of those in the church today caused my heart to leap with exuberant joy! My heart began to pump quicker with excitement and love for the days that are to come. I do not know what the church will be like but I do know that my heart yearns for peace and reconciliation. With the unknown, my heart is full of faith in God in WHOM I trust!”

“Lastly,” my heart quiets for a moment as though in deep thoughts, pumping gently and smoothly and continues, “is that I may dwell in the presence of the Lord forever. I do not know what to do without Him.” My heart was soft and gentle, pondering the past and expecting the future. “God, what can I do without You. You are the anchor in my life. You have taught me to love and to forgive. I remember those times when I wanted to hate but You who have live in my heart, have gently guide me through the storms and lead me into quiet water. You have put a godly fear in my heart and I shall abide in this fear: so that I will not sin against You, my God!”

“Though my heart is still licking its wound but You are ever beside me and comfort me. My heart surrenders under His love!”

Now my heart’s desire is “that I may dwell in His PEACE AND LOVE forever! The heart’s desire is to be close to Him!” Amen!


Connie :] said...

awww thats was soo sweet. (: I thank God for you and Pastor Daniel. though I can NEVER understand why people keep hurting you guys and not try to look from your point of view and jump into conclusions or making wrong judgement about you two, I believe it's only so that the both of you can be strong in the Lord and trust in Him more. I thank you for your guidance and though I may not agree with you on EVERYTHING =P , I do respect what you have to say and stuff cuz you're def-o wiser and my Pastor. (; and also,cuz you care for me. :D many thanks you awesome Ps Lynda! ;]

Lynda Choi-Pastor's Wife said...

Thnx for being so supportive all along... don't know what to do without you guys. and thank you for being so different from me haha, for having different opinion and disagreement ... because it is good to agree to disagree on some matters to show God's unique creation in each of us :)
I can't imagine if all of us agree on everything, rather having disagreement will help us to see things that we can't see otherwise.

Keep up that good work my dear.

Ps Lynn