Friday, April 25, 2008

16 April 2008

16 of April is the day my husband, the pastor was born. Let's take a moment to consider him: came from a poor family of 6 but 2 brothers died of drug overdose; mixing with the wrong gang and ended with the police many times; not to mention how he fought with practically everyone (and even threw a shoe to his father); hated by all the people in the neighbourhood and was cursed each day...

He was at the brim of destruction when he tried to overdose himself to death or trying ways to kill himself. One day he met Jesus (details will share with you next time), and then through many years of struggle (not the fairy tales of a sudden change), went through numerous traumatic experiences in life and then now a pastor for more than 18 years, he finally found the meaning in his life-to help other drug dependents to overcome drug abuse.

Through these 18 years, he suffered two deaths (his brother and a nephew); broken family; diagnose with hep C third stage; pioneered three churches before; suffered from nervous breakdown; now pastors a merger church; and finally a drug rehabilitation center.

And last week he celebrated his 42 birthday and he was full of smiles... though the future is still uncertain but his faith in God goes un-wavered. He always says, "I live on 'given days'. I should be dead long ago but God gave me my life and I live each day with His life..." (Gal 2:20)

So a little recollection on the pastor on this pastor's wife's blog. If you ask me how is it like living with a husband who's passion is for the ministry and his days are always shared with the others- It's UNTHINKABLE but I can live with it --- just as yet... so stretch your imagination as I will share with you more as days go... A...........MEN!

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steve said...

Blessings Lynda,
Enjoyed your writing, you have a gift for writing and so happy to see you taking time for it. The family picture is beautiful,too.
Blessings to you and your beautiful family. You are all in our prayers!
Love, Steve and Vicki