Sunday, May 4, 2008

The PK - pastor's

Pastor's kids are from outer space. They were expected to talk differently; to behave saintly; to live purely; to partake (eat) spiritually and most of all, to be involved in all the ministries obediently and to attend all services willingly.

I don't know about your kids but my pastor's kids are expected to live NORMALLY! Normal because I recognized that they are of the homo sapiens who eat with their mouth and walk with their feet.
Even though members in the church will expect them to be "above average" than the others when it comes to spirituality (infact they should have read through the bible when they are 10 yrs old; should be preaching when they are 15 and spilling out scripture verses whenever needed...phew...wonder how many of those church elders will be able to do likewise), they sometimes conveniently forget that these kids are also human.

So pastor's kids are normal and they face the same pressure that all kids do and they will have to go through difficult decisions when tempted and they may even fall into more temptations and bad habits (you mean they actually sin? O Yes! They do, just like You) , just like any kids their age would have to go through.

I live with two pastor's kids and if you would ask me how is it like raising up two pastor's kids, I would say, "No Problem!" Because the problem is not me raising them up but that they have to live with two pastors in the same house. It is already bad with one but imagine you have to live with two of them under the same roof. I think no one in their right mind would want to live with a pastor unnecessarily and without a dire purpose.

But, do they have a choice? (smile) So instead of us having the pressure, they were facing pressure living under our scrutiny and holding on to their nerves in the church.I think they are very courageous because they have to brave through many storms and many challenges and yet remain sane and sound.

I thank God for my two pastor's kids, Ian and Sue Anne because though they live a different kind of lives than the others yet they have exhibited great patience and love for us, the pastors and to the church.

My appreciation to you and all those pastor's kids out there. Hang on because your patience and love will pay off and God is watching you growing and your life is different because God meant it that way - He meant it well for you because again not anyone is a PASTOR'S KID but YOU ARE!

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