Friday, January 29, 2010

"As for me and my whole household, we will serve the Lord."Joshua 24:15

Our Prime Minister is very serious about “One Malaysia” and insists that it should be our very own Malaysian culture. Whether this will be a reality or not, at least some efforts are seen in promoting it.

A good culture is not just a matter of talking and implementing. It is a process, a very long and painful process. It takes not only the people in the leadership to take the drastic step to implement it but also taking that effort to embrace it as part of their lives as well. It takes years to cultivate and the leadership must cast the vision to the people from all walks of life; from the grass-root to the royalties. Line by line, precepts by precepts … penetrating through every level of the societies.

In our church, we are also developing some cultural identities that belong to us as Peace Charisians. What is the culture that we are looking for? What identity can we associate ourselves with? Allow me to cast the vision for you.

First and foremost, let our church be a church where the people love the Word of God. We want to see believers gathering together, not gossiping or backbiting each other, slandering with negative remarks towards one another or the leadership; rather their mouth shall be full of encouragement and admonition from the Word of God. (Eph 5:19)

Secondly, the church should be a prayer and worship house (Mark 11:17) where anyone… I mean anyone (believers and non-believers alike) shall find comfort in God in this place. A church who prays earnestly and passionately will be a church who will be kind and compassionate towards the people around them. The church will be able to see what God sees and feel how God feels for the people of God and for the world. No genuine prayer warrior should be judgmental but is compassionate and full of love for the people, just like our Lord Jesus Christ. This is true when the church worships God. When we are ‘lost’ in the presence of God, then we are found in Him.

Lastly (but the list could go on) Peace Charisians should be actively involved in community service, not being ignorant nor non-concern attitude towards the happenings around them (James 1:26,27). In order to thrive at the edge of ministering as God’s servants, we need to be alert towards the society’s needs at all times. Do you know the community where you live? Do they know that you are a Christian and that you are available to help them or be the resourceful person to refer them if you are not an expert on the said subject? Or you are the ‘quiet, no nonsense, apathetic’ neighbor who mysteriously disappears each Sunday for a couple of hours?

So what culture are you developing now personally? Are you seeing the mentioned culture above forming in our church? If no, what are you doing about it? If yes, shall we be diligent to improve it? As for me, the culture that we embrace here at home and in the church is, (we would like to imitate Joshua) “As for me and my whole household, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). I think this will summarize all. Amen!

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