Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Burnt Church – “WE FORGIVE!”


Last week, after confirming renting a room (we rented it from Metro Tab) for Ian near his college, we had a small talk with one of the pastors from Metro Tab. We thanked God for pastors who have a great vision for the Lord and we believe in God’s provision even in granting a permit for their new premise that would be ready for use anytime.

The next day, we heard that the church was burnt. I quickly called the pastor to enquire and to render our prayers. The same day before I left for church, I saw in the TV news the image of the church. The first reaction was angry and then in prayer I felt sad over the actions by some who thought that they have the right to do what they pleased. Then I was elated because with this in the news, I knew that the people in Malaysia were made aware of the existence of this church. So I sent a sms saying, “What the enemy meant bad, God means for good.” I thanked God for the free publicity and I knew that this is a blessing in disguise.

The next day, Rev Ong Sek Leang in the news said, “We forgive!” What a testimony! We do not condone arson but we are in no position to react negatively; rather the phrase “We forgive!” speaks louder than any actions or reactions.

True enough, it has the attention of all the top ministers to “come to church” and a RM500,000 was granted to rebuild and a permit given. What a blessing because we choose to forgive!

This brings to our attention to our daily walk with our Lord. When something un-called for happened, we often looked at the negative side first. We give no room for God to work through even the worst situations in our lives. If only we learn this lesson, “We Forgive!” our church will be a place of refuge for many who walk through that door. Sadly, when something bad happens, the first thought and the first talk is often negative.

Maybe we should change our attitude a bit. Switch to the POSITIVE MODE at all times when we face life situations. Things don’t have to look grim all the time. That’s why I often tell the church, “We have challenges in life, not problems”; Challenges that we could take up positively and face bravely and courageously with our Lord who never leaves us nor forsakes us.

Allah or not, He is the Almighty God. That is a fact! He is YAHWEH, our Lord! Amen!

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