Saturday, November 7, 2009

07 Nov 09, Sat Scripture Reading: Proverbs 7

“Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye.” (7:2, NIV)

The whole passage is about a young man who was enticed to sin by the seducer. The young who lacks judgment (7:7) went straight into temptation without knowing or recognizing it.

Many of us ‘smart alecs’ are just like this young man. We are so careless with our lives that we are not even aware that we are falling into the trap of sin. When we finally realize it, instead of fleeing from it quickly, we linger longer because we actually enjoy sinning. It is man’s nature to sin.

A young couple went for pre-marital counseling. After some initial ‘checks’ the counselor found out that they were staying together. So she advised them to stop this if they wanted to have a Christian wedding; saying their vows before God in a Holy Matrimony. The couple argued, “We are getting married anyway and we are responsible enough to come for counseling and to be committed to one another. So why is this BIG NO?”

After counselling the couple for some time, they finally heeded the counselor’s advice but remain un-convinced. The next few sessions were like a ‘cat and mouse’ race, trying to sort out this struggle before they could actually go into the lessons. The problem here is, this young couple thinks it is ok as long as they are still responsible to each other but they did not know that compromise to sin displeases God a lot.

Is there any area in your life that you know displeases God? It is not worth going on with it and loosing out on His blessings.

Come out of it and start to live a ‘free life” without sinning against God. You will enjoy life more with God when you do not have to bear the burden of sin and guilt. Come join the club – Guilt-Free Club!

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