Monday, June 14, 2010

Being WEAK or being MEEK!

A couple of days ago, my son and I had a chat. We were talking about behaving in the ministries. I encouraged him to be serious and be alert all the time when you are in the ministries because there will be obstacles whereby we need to learn to depend on God for wisdom and protection.

Somehow we got to bring out some past painful experiences that I had and he said, “Mum, I wish that I am older when you were facing those trials. Then maybe I could shield you from being hurt.” “Son, we need to go through all these so called hurts in order to grow and to learn to lean on God.”

“But mum, I saw you being silent when accused; didn’t explain yourself when words were hurled at you. In a nice way, you are being gentle but on the other hand you were seen as being weak in your leadership.”

I was quiet for a moment, recalling what my son had just told me. “Is that what others think when I kept quiet, WEAK?” I thought aloud. Then I calmed down and I told him this gently, “Son, there is a marginal difference between the WEAK and the MEEK. The weak are those who dare not face the situation and choose to run away. They chose to say hurtful comments behind the person and acted out negatively to bring discord and further pain by discrediting the other person and the church behind their back.”

“But the MEEK are those who know that to retaliate is to showcase your weakness whereas to keep compose in times of trials is a showcase of strength. To have a clear mind and to be gentle at the face of calamities are inner strength when one learnt to depend on the Holy Spirit.”

The world is looking on the outward reaction to determine the person’s strength and weakness. We seldom look deep into the person; whether the person reacts quietly and preferably in prayer instead of backbiting or continuously using negative words against the other person.

I once saw a picture in a very old magazine called the “last days ministries”; a picture depicting who Jesus was. In that picture a lamb was climbing a very dangerous and steep cliff up the mountain. It was evening and the shadow casted on the wall of the mountain surprisingly was a LION. It says, “The lamb who is the Lion of Judah.” I think this is the perfect picture of meekness. We are the lamb, gentle and maybe sometimes an easy target to be bullied or hurt but the inner person exhibits such strength that put him/her in a position of love and forgiveness.

Tell me, is it easier to react or refrain to react. To react and to give back the same way the person is treating you don’t need skill or strength but to refrain from taking revenge and not only do not speak against the other person INSTEAD prayerfully bringing that person before God, really needs lots and lots of energy.

I have to admit that through all these experiences that I had, I have become more patient. I thank God each day for keeping me strong. I thank God for allowing negative happenings in my life for without which I will never learn total dependence. Most of all, the Lord has helped me to see that it is never a person’s desire, especially when they are Christians and professing their love to God, to hurt another soul; it is all misunderstanding and miscommunication because we are DIFFERENT from one another. The sooner we recognize this, the less we will accuse one another.

We are different; the way we work; the way we talk; the way we react; the way we plan; the way we see the ministries. So do not take it to heart when someone is different from us. Just learn to accept and to allow that person to express himself/herself through time. Give your support silently even if you disagree. You never know; you could be wrong THIS TIME.

So son, I am not being weak but trying to walk meekly before God…just like our Lord Jesus! J


Anonymous said...

ya you right, i should learn from how to become a MEEK..

Anonymous said...

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